Mechanized Welding of Pipelines

Mechanized Welding of Pipe Work and Pipelines


Raymond provides fabrication shop and field mechanized welding services that offer the following advantages over conventional manual welding:

  • All weld parameters are programmed into the weld head control unit and therefore high quality welds can be guaranteed.
  • Welds are consistent and can be repeated.
  • Repair rates are significantly reduced (Raymond has attained zero repair rate) with the associated reduction in NDT charges.
  • Reduces duration per weld and therefore reduces the quantity of equipment and personnel required, which can be critical in restricted environments.
  • Produces a crevice free smooth weld with no spatter, providing a suitable surface for the application of joint coatings after welding, particularly FBE coatings.
  • “As Built” weld parameters can be recorded in the form of a paper print out from the control unit.


The process can be applied to all types of steel and alloy tubes and pipes ranging in diameter from 6 mm to 1520 mm, from thin wall process tube to heavy wall pressure pipe, both in shop or field locations.