High Build Epoxy Coating

High Build Epoxy Coating (HBE)

Raymond is an approved / certified applicator of HBE coatings on pipelines based on “state of the art” novolac epoxy / urethane chemistry.
These fast cure solvent free two pack high build high performance epoxy coatings are applied using electronic proportioning plural component airless spraying equipment.
High Build Epoxy coating can also be hand applied to girth welds, tie-ins and for rehabilitation of existing pipelines.

As an abrasion resistance overlay it is compatible with Fusion Bonded Epoxy and Coal Tar Enamel main line coatings and can be used on any metal structure.
HBE coating maximum operating temperature up to 302°F (150°C).

Internal and External coatings for pipelines in buried or immersed services. Coatings of pipe, fittings and valves. Rehabilitation of existing pipelines. Girth weld joint coating applications etc.