GRP/FRP/HDPE Pipeline Installation

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Piping Systems:

Fiber Reinforced Plastics/Polymer (FRP) or Glass Reinforced Plastic/Polymer (GRP) and Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Pipe (RTRP) or Reinforced Plastic/Polymer Mortar Pipe which is an amalgamation of resin, glass fiber, manufactured using appropriate additives, such as ultraviolet inhibitors, and treatment methods. It is a composite material uniquely capable of meeting a wide variety of specific processes and end product requirements. It has a combination of properties generally not found in any other material. FRP or GRP represents the same terminology excpet that the British Standards (BS) Institute predominantly uses GRP and Other standrds of the world uses FRP for Fiberglass Piping system. The other common names of GRP or FRP is RTRP or RPMP. Find below the advantages and favorable features of FRP or GRP or RTRP or RPMP.

o Superior Corrosion Resistant
o Higher Hydraulic Efficiency
o Lower Frictional Head Losses
o Lower Pipe Sizes
o Higher Strength To Weight Ratio
o Light Weight
o Higher Resistance to Surge Pressure
o Excellent Joining System
o Greater Flexibilities

FRP/GRP pipes can be joint using:

 Double bell coupling joining systems.
 Butt and Wrap (Lamination) jointing system


RTR pipes can be joint using:

 Tapered (Bell and Spigot/Bonding) joining systems.
 Butt and Wrap (Lamination) jointing system