CCTV Inspection

CCTV Inspection

State of the art CCTV inspection equipment is used to view the internal condition of pipelines and sewers ranging in diameter from 75mm up to 1000 mm. Pipelines and sewers are accessed through open ends of the pipeline, through vents or manholes. Cameras can travel in distances up to 300 lineal meters. The pan and tilt swivel head of the camera allows for 360 degree rotation in order to focus on areas of concern such as leaking joints or excessive corrosion spots. Explosion proof cameras are available for use in refinery or petrochemical plant environments.

Raymond personnel and equipment offer the following:

    • Internal and external pipeline condition assessment
    • Leak detection
    • Lifespan assessment
    • Repair and rehabilitation appraisal
    • Safety monitoring and assessment


Equipment consists of:

    • Specialist Vehicles
    • Control Units
    • Camera and Other Inspection Equipment
    • Ultrasonic equipment
    • Leak detection sensors
    • Safety Equipment
    • Cleaning Equipment
    • Rehabilitation equipment (if requested by customer, Raymond can make immediate repairs whilst undertaking survey)


Full Inspection Report including:

    • VCD-Report, Video-Report, Written-Report
    • Full descriptive on screen data-Pipe references, gradient, distance, date, time, and all other essential information
    • Photos and Details
    • Pipe Wall Thickness check
    • Updating as built drawings
    • Maintain and update database as requested by Client
    • Summary, Analysis of data, Conclusion and Condition Assessment
    • Full repair procedure and lifetime analysis report is also available